Apr 26 2009

15 Online Background Generators

Backgrounds are important. Whether they’re used on a website, on a drawing, on an image compo or on a mobile phone, they give an undeniable “cachet” to your creation, while also improving the viewing experience by increasing the focus on the content. And while they’re tons of free or shareware applications to create these backgrounds, there’s also a lot of free online tools that will do the same in seconds. This list of 15 online generators will allow you to create your own background, stripes and tartans in a couple of clicks!

» 15 Online Background Generators

Apr 24 2009

Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Plug-Ins

Our friends at Smashing just released an article that features nothing but the ultimate list of must-have plugins for photoshop. It doesn’t mean these plugins are free, of course, but it gives you a clear idea of how your plugin collection should look like if you’re info serious graphic design.

» Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Plug-Ins

Apr 22 2009

600+ free high-quality textures

Enough with the talking, here are the links. Enjoy! Continue reading