Icons, anyone – again?

Let’s start with the obvious: using one icon will always be better than writing many words. That’s a well-known fact. The visual representation of a concept is assimilated more easily by the humain brain. Thus, icons remain the most effective way to symbolize actions, contexts or messages.

Today, we dig in the depths of the web to bring you 20 great free high-quality icons sets. You can use these sets in your personal and/or professional projects (as long as the licensing terms allow it, so don’t forget to read first).

» Sketchy Paper Icons

» Pool & Persons

» Indiana Jones

» Light Icons

» Simplistica

» iVista

» PI Diagona mini-icons

» Fast Icon Users

» CSS Creme Stickypack

» Monofactor vector set

» Web Applications

» The Simpsons mail stamps

» eico 1 year

» Dino icons

» Old School

» PC Keyboard

» Zeus’ feed icons

» mAqua ChronoSync

» Adobe CS3

» Iconshock

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