Two great icons sets: Bright! & Milky

The guys at Frexy really love icon design. In the past few months, Min Tran and Vu Tran have worked on two icon sets called “Bright!” and “Milky”, and now they happily release both as free resources for you.

Bright! is a crisp, sharp and beautiful set of 148 hand-crafted icons in vector format, ideally for both web and print work. You can use Bright! for personal and commercial projects at free of charge.

Milky’s icons are designed in EPS 8 vector format, including 48×48 and 64×64 PNG image files. Milky will be updated on a weekly basis, and might end up having up to dozens or few hundreds or few thousands (hopefully) of icons.

» Download Bright!
» Download Milky

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